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I began sewing at a very young age, learning from my mother and grandmothers. I watched them as they made quilts, and we made all our clothes. After I married, I continued to sew and opened an heirloom fabric store and began to teach garment sewing. But, remembering my grandmother’s legacy, my dream was to make a quilt, too. 

But not just any quilt. I wanted to make a good quilt. 

So, I studied and took classes, and eventually opened my own quilt store where I began to teach for over 15 years.  My best reward came from showing my students how to have success in their quilting. Helping them achieve skills that allowed them to sew a quilt that they were proud of and one day leave as a legacy was my gain as much as theirs.

So, what takes a person from longing to make a good quilt to one who’s sewing contributes to their legacy? I’ve seen it many times over, and it always starts at the very beginning. If you start right, you’ll finish right.

And that’s the journey that I’d love to take you on.

What is "A Good Quilt"?

Well, I'm so glad you asked!

A Good Quilt starts at the beginning, with the foundations of every facet. Good Design. Good Fabric. Good Color. Good Cutting. Good Sewing. Good Pressing. Good Trimming. Good Tools. Good Quilting. Good Finishing.

Grab a Sneak Peek Inside!


Weekly Content

Fresh content is delivered to the library and pushed to your devices each and every Friday.

Week 1: Educational Videos

Maxie will deliver a video tutorial (posted the first Friday of each month) to demonstrate a new skill or technique that will be relatable throughout the month's content, and always available for review for as long as you are a member. Videos are searchable for keywords, which means that you can search for any phrase or word Maxie has said and be taken to that exact spot in the video!

Week 2: Project Pattern

Maxie will deliver a teaching pattern or other downloadable file relating to the month's topic,  printable for your A Good Quilt binder.

Week 3: Flexible Content

Maxie is constantly inside the group, communicating with members and asking questions and gaining insight from members as to the groups most pressing needs. This week's post can include charts, formulas and other goodies, helpful for the current project as well as many others!

Week 4: Live Q & A Calls

Members are invited to take part in a Q&A call each and every month. Hear straight from Maxie as she answers your questions and shares years of insight and knowledge with the members, and become acquainted with quilters from all over the world. The video call is placed in the website library for those that do not participate on Facebook.

The Best Searching Tool Available

Saving your valuable time!

I’m thrilled to announce the addition of a new search tool software called ‘Searchie’ that allows members to search a video for any word and be taken directly to the point in the video where the word was spoken! For example, if you watch my entire video for continuous bias binding, you might like to come back later and watch only the section teaching how to pin the oddly shaped fabric edges together. (Maxie describes it as 'wonky'!) Simply type ‘wonky’ in the search bar and you’ll be taken directly to that specific spot! You’re welcome! (You can't do that on YouTube!)

What's Inside

In addition to fresh weekly content, you'll have access right away to all the weekly content posted from October 2019, as well as 2 additional years of project content shared through Maxie Mail, (Maxie's former subscription box) all updated and stored in the Library. The content has been organized in an easy to follow format that helps you identify where you are in your quilting journey and exactly what you need to do next in order to accomplish your goals. This membership will help keep you on track but not overwhelmed, allowing you to mark tutorials 'completed' as you move through them, allowing you to see at a glance your finished lessons.

+ A Good Quilt Binder -  Upon your registration, you will be shipped a welcome kit that will include everything you need to start your own 'A Good Quilt Reference Binder'! Your package will include a customizable Table of Contents, custom tabbed dividers, Maxie's exclusive 'Quilter's Glossary', and a beautiful 5" x 7" AGQ sticker for the front of your binder. You'll also receive your personal "I Am A Good Quilter" sticker to remind you that you are already on this journey, among good company! This binder will become your personal, lasting resource that will build upon itself for as long as you are a member. You will organize the pages as you like them, based on your learning style and skill level.

+ Resources. Inside is where Maxie pulls back the curtain to her quilting success, sharing all of her resources and skills, learned through years of study, teaching and owning a quilting business.

+ A video library -  In addition to the monthly new video content, former videos made through Maxie Mail walk you through complete projects from beginning to end. Perk: Maxie always highlights her favorite tools!

+ Interactive Calculators! Wish you had a calculator that would figure your binding yardage and # of strips needed? How about a calculator that will tell you how much backing fabric you need? Your wish has come true!

+ Block of the Month Project! - When members received Maxie's Pinwheel Galaxy Quilt setting pattern, many requested the block patterns in a Block of the Month format. Happy to accommodate, 9 blocks are posted to date. Work on this optional, bonus project in your own time frame!

+ Bonus Video Basics - Bonus videos that teach fundamental skills (like binding) are provided as a reference to watch over and over until you are a master! There is even a 'Short Take' section for quick tips and demos!

+ Bonus Down-loadable Extras. Charts and formulas that take the math and guesswork away, printable for your A Good Quilt binder.

+ Live Q & A - A place to gather and get to know others, ask questions of Maxie and get feedback and support from other members from all over the world.

+ Teaching.  Maxie shares everything she knows about quilting, creating fresh monthly content (delivered in weekly intervals) (without overwhelming you!) that will uplevel your skills to help you make quilts that you are proud to include in your own legacy

"“Oh Maxie, this sounds so promising, so wonderful! I never thought of my quilting work as a legacy but you're absolutely right. I do cherish the quilt I have from my father-in-law's mother-in-law. It's the only quilt I own with a family connection. That alone makes it more valuable to me than the other quilts I have. I never even thought of doing the same with my own sewing, leaving something of significance to those I love. Thank you for sharing this! I wish you well and I'll join in for sure!”"

Julia Monroe, Raleigh, NC

"Your videos are my absolute favourite, because of your skill but equally your lovely energy. It feels like spending time with an encouraging friend when I watch your videos, and I look forward to them each month. Thank you for what you do."

Carleen Brigley, Edmonton, Canada

"I do so enjoy your monthly subscription. I don’t know how much this will cost but I’ll say that if I have to cancel a membership somewhere else to remain with you I will. I’ve never felt so cared for in any social media or subscription. Maybe I should say appreciated instead. Anyway thank you and I can’t wait to start this new adventure with you. Bless you and all you do. Love and hugs "

Barbara Boyd, Lake Charles, LA

"I have learned so much and will be forever grateful to you. The best part… is a gift that will keep on giving as the knowledge you share and the confidence you instill will always be a part of me. "

Barbara Beevers, Placerville, CA

"Thank you so much Maxie! I'm looking forward to the new direction your membership is heading in. You've always delivered top notch instruction and so I'm looking forward to see what new things I can learn from you. I think the direction for your membership is right on track and I'm so glad that you are following your heart to make it happen. I loved the boxes and small projects but what I really want to focus on technique and creating something lasting. I'm totally on board! Blessings,"

Christine Ousley, Auburndale, FL

"Maxie has given me the opportunity to stretch and develop my skills in a variety of ways. When I initially subscribed I had no quilting knowledge. With my first project, I successfully layered, quilted and bound a project. I love the sense of accomplishment that is felt when completing a project. I've been able to transfer skills from Maxie's projects to apparel and bag making through my small business Ameraucana Handmade. I've shared completed projects with family and they have said "Aunt Florence would be proud". I appreciate Maxie for helping me to create something that enables my aunt's legacy to live on and develop through me. "

Elizabeth Thorell, Philadelphia, PA

Registration is now closed. (We only open periodically, because we are hard at work in here, quilting, learning and having fun!)

Join the wait-list to be the first to know when the doors open and receive my gift to you: 6 printable quilt labels and my video tutorial that will show you how to make your own printable fabric!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once registered, you will be mailed your A Good Quilt Binder kit, (members provide their own binder) a personal resource that you build with your printable materials inside the membership, video content, project patterns, technique sheets and other resources, live Q&A sessions, challenges, support from Maxie and other members!

After you join A Good Quilt, you’ll receive a welcome email with your unique log in details. Once logged in, Members will have immediate access to the entire library of project content and enjoy new content delivered each Friday, as outlined in the syllabus. You'll want to watch the video tour of the website and move to 'Start Here'.

Each month’s premium content will be added as a lesson inside the private membership portal and announced via email. You can work through the content on any of your devices. 

Your account will be charged on the same day that you signed up each month for as long as you continue your membership.

No! :) 100% of the course content is hosted directly within the private membership site and you can interact with other members using the comments section on each post. Members are always invited to ask questions for live calls in advance, and the video replays are always added to the membership site. Many students do find the private Facebook community a great way to connect and get feedback on their work, though!

Your membership may be canceled at any time, no questions asked (it's simple to do inside the private membership portal). Due to the digital nature of the tribe, refunds are not available, so be sure we're a good fit before you purchase!

This is a subscription service that will be billed monthly.

If you wish to cancel, you must do so before your next billing date which will be the same day each month. Please make note of the day of the month that your membership renews. Refunds are not granted once the payment has gone through.

Members pricing gets locked in at the time they become a member. If you cancel and return in the future, you'll be subject to whatever price the membership is at that time.

This membership is for PERSONAL use, not for agencies or companies or classroom settings, and is not to be shared.

Yes! A GOOD QUILT memberships are available to purchase as gifts, and a perfect way to nurture sewing/quilting in someone you love. Just e-mail me for details at [email protected]


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